It All Begins with the Test.

Our goal was to create the most complete and information-rich molecular test of tumors possible, in order to inform best approaches to treatment. The result is OmniSeq Comprehensive®, a next-generation molecular sequencing assay that tests a tumor’s DNA and RNA to identify somatic variants – those genetic alterations caused by cancer that are associated with response to particular drugs – in 144 genes.

The Tumor Biopsy is Everything.

We believe that the importance of a patient’s tumor biopsy cannot be overstated, and Omniseq Comprehensive®was created to treat it as such. Here’s how:

Tissue Sparing. Omniseq Comprehensive®requires the least amount of tissue of any comparable test – sometimes as little as 1/10th – with less than 10% of tests received cancelled due to insufficient tissue.

Timely Results. Results from Comprehensive®are typically received 10-15 days upon receipt of a qualified tumor sample, enabling more confidence to review in a follow-up visit.

Actionability. More than 80% of Omniseq Comprehensive®tests are clinically actionable, which is on par with larger gene panels.

Highest Regulatory Standards. Omniseq Comprehensive®is New York State CLEP-approved, denoting the highest standard for analytical validity in the United States.

Comprehensive Means Comprehensive.

Targeted therapy aims to interfere with specific molecules (molecular targets) that are involved in the growth, progression, and spread of cancer. Omniseq Comprehensive®examines these molecular targets present in a patient’s tumor’s DNA and RNA. Omniseq Comprehensive®identifies the following types of somatic variants across 144 genes, including all of the genes that point to either an approved drug or clinical trial:

  • DNA mutations, such as single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and insertions and deletions (indels).
  • Copy Number Variants, specifically segmental chromosomal gain (amplification) and loss (deletion).
  • RNA Fusions, or expressed gene fusion transcripts
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It’s Important to Stay Connected.

The OmniSeq Connect portal provides clinicians with the ability to track pending tests and get updated status information during sample processing.

Comprehensive Knowledge is Clinical Power.

Actionable variants reported by OmniSeq Comprehensive®can be cross-referenced with open clinical trials in the OmniSeq KnowledgeBase®.

The Knowledge Grows.

The OmniSeq KnowledgeBase® is updated monthly based on any new evidence found in high-impact journal publications and clinical practice guidelines.

Clarity When It’s Most Important.

OmniSeq Comprehensive®is designed with ease of understanding in mind. It includes:

Therapeutic Benefits:

Any detected variants with associated therapies or contraindications, including the level of evidence for the association and key publications.

Precision Medicine Clinical Trials:

Precision medicine clinical trials: Open clinical trials where patient’s detected variants may render them eligible for enrollment, including Priority Precision Medicine Trials, which involves customizing the list of clinical trials based upon the patient’s treating institution and geographic location.

Specimen Requirements