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7-13% of cases discussed at tumor board result in changed treatment recommendation - interpretation is challenge #pmls2017 @JournPrecMed

Chief Scientific Officer Alan Sachs moderates #PrecisionMedicine Leaders Summit panel tomorrow #PMLS17

George Poste: Identifying responders & non-responders is absolutely fundamental opportunity for precision medicine #pmls2017 @JournPrecMed

Thanks to @permedcoalition for allowing our CEO Mark Gardner to share the vision around comprehensive immune profiling. #immunotherapy


To better system efficiency, @OmniSeq hypothesizes tumor microenvironment may ID who can benefit from #immunotherapy

Cancer deal inked by @LABCORP and @OmniSeq

OmniSeq and @LABCORP sign exclusive distribution agreement & Series B funding commitment. @Covance #immunotherapy

Stay tuned early next week for an exciting development for OmniSeq and #Immunotherapy

MuB alone not enough: "Mutational load alone is not sufficient to predict #Immunotherapy response" - Rajarsi Mandal @sloan_kettering #ngdx17