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Cancer-testis antigen detection by targeted RNA sequencing

Abstract Background: Cancer-testis antigens (CTAs) have restricted expression in normal adult tissues but have been found to be overexpressed in multiple tumors.  This and their ability to elicit spontaneous cellular and humoral immune responses have rendered CTAs as...

Cancer testis antigen co-expression landscape in solid tumors

Abstract Background Cancer testis antigens (CTAs) are tumor antigens that have a highly tissue-restricted expression but are often expressed in diverse malignancies. With their highly immunogenic expression limited to tumor cells, CTAs have become a prime target for...

OmniSeq Receives ISO Certification for Quality Management Systems

BUFFALO, N.Y., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- OmniSeq®, an innovator in next generation sequencing (NGS) in oncology, today announced the company has received the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 13485:2016 certification for its Quality Management Systems...

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Congrats to @OmniSeq's Jeffrey Conroy and @PablaSabi on their contribution to the TMB Harmonization Consortium's study aimed at facilitating harmonization and alignment across tissue TMB assays.

Watch “Labcorp Oncology Capabilities Across the Continuum of Care.mp4” on #Vimeo

Congratulations to @OmniSeq’s R.J. Seager, Y. Lee, J. Conroy and S. Pabla on the great work with @RoswellPark's S. Mukherjee on their #ESMO21 abstract 1472P, “Cancer/testis antigen expression landscape in gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma”

Congratulations to @OmniSeq's Sarabjot Pabla, Mary Nesline, Sean Glenn, Jeffrey Conroy, Paul DePietro on their #ESMO21 abstract 992P “Diverse RNA expression patterns of T cell priming markers in various solid tumors and their clinical implication”

TY @OmniSeq for your commitment to helping people w/cancer find the right treatment path. Shining a light on #lungcancer is important & appreciated. #biomarker testing saves lives! Your voice and hard work is critical! #anyonewithlungscangetlungcancer #researchmatters @TheWRP4LC


Advancing lung cancer awareness and changing the public perception of the disease is the commitment of @TheWRP4LC. Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. Sharing their mission and goals, @OmniSeq is extremely proud to receive a White Ribbon from this amazing organization!

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