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Cancer-testis antigen detection by targeted RNA sequencing

Abstract Background: Cancer-testis antigens (CTAs) have restricted expression in normal adult tissues but have been found to be overexpressed in multiple tumors.  This and their ability to elicit spontaneous cellular and humoral immune responses have rendered CTAs as...

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Cancer testis antigen co-expression landscape in solid tumors

Abstract Background Cancer testis antigens (CTAs) are tumor antigens that have a highly tissue-restricted expression but are often expressed in diverse malignancies. With their highly immunogenic expression limited to tumor cells, CTAs have become a prime target for...

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OmniSeq Names Dr. Shengle Zhang as New Lab Director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACT: Sawyer Lipari Lambert & Co. 313.309.9551 OmniSeq Names Dr. Shengle Zhang as New Lab Director Fast-growing cancer diagnostic laboratory continues focus on development of innovative product breakthroughs...

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In case you missed us at SITC 2020 and AMP 2020 this Fall, take a look at the comprehensive research our scientists recently presented.

NEW YORK - Molecular diagnostics laboratory @OmniSeq of Buffalo, New York, said this week that it has received ISO 13485:2016 certification for its quality management system.

PRESS RELEASE: @OmniSeq has received the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 13485:2016 certification for its Quality Management Systems (QMS). Read more...

"@OmniSeq and Integrated Oncology will work seamlessly with your team to handle all logistical, IT and financial challenges to ensure that your patients will benefit from a single test to inform current and future treatment options ...". Thx & Rgds ^RW

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