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Three-pronged approach--combining genetic info, 3D cell culture & rapid drug screening--key to #PrecisionMedicine

Dr. Carl Morrison talks about his team's push toward advancement and his overall pride in the OmniSeq brand.

Carl Morrison discusses how 95% of patients receive results from OmniSeq Comprehensive. #cancer

The moment Dean Choi announced just how good the #Match2017 match was for our #WCM2017 students. 💯% Congrats all!!

Great meeting: lots of discussion on biomarkers for #immunotherapy #cancer ⚡️ “Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors 2017”

Mark Gardner presenting at #iciboston great attendance and discussion around diagnostics for #immunotherapy

RT @mollyclare: Having trouble understanding your American friends or colleagues? Maybe I can help:

Combination immunotherapy: a road map #jitc