Company Expands Member Network to Advance the Clinical Utility of Genomic Medicine

Buffalo, NY – August 03, 2015 – OmniSeq, LLC today announced the addition of the Wilmot Cancer Institute to the OmniSeqSM Genomic Network.  Recently, OmniSeq officially spun out from Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) and announced it was making available a suite of innovative products that support a physician-driven, collaborative approach to genomic diagnostics that provides actionable results to improve patient outcomes.  Wilmot Cancer Institute is a rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary cancer care center that is part of the University of Rochester Medical Center, a leading academic medical center driven by a focus on collaboration and a commitment to research.

“We are pleased to add Wilmot Cancer Institute to our growing network of like-minded cancer centers that are focused on advancing precision medicine,” said Carl Morrison, MD, DVM, President, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of OmniSeq, LLC and Executive Director of the Center for Personalized Medicine at RPCI. “As part of a leading academic medical center, Wilmot is rooted in multidisciplinary collaborations that bridge the divide between research and practical clinical expertise. Such collaboration is at the heart of the OmniSeq Genomic Network, which encourages peer-initiated collaborations across institutions while also providing patient-specific insights through unprecedented accuracy in genomic cancer sequencing.”

The OmniSeq Genomic Network provides physicians with the tools required to obtain precise information about a patient’s cancer through a proprietary, clinically actionable, genomic interpretation algorithm, as well as a system that provides a continuous analysis of peer-generated clinical experiences and therapeutic outcomes for patients — allowing oncologists to break through the noise and immediately focus on the solution.

“Through this membership, we will continue a robust history and meaningful relationship with RPCI, OmniSeq’s founding member of the genomic network, as well as gain access to a continuously expanding network of oncology specialists from a wide range of institutions,” said Jonathan W. Friedberg MD, MMSc, Director, Wilmot Cancer Institute.  “The OmniSeq Genomic Network delivers a powerful suite of tools through which we can offer genomic diagnostics with actionable results to our patients and help direct the future of genomic medicine. We are very pleased to be an OmniSeq Member.”

OmniSeq members have access to a technology that allows their physicians to analyze cancer-related genes and compare them to a database of tumor genomic profiles, including which therapies were used and how patients responded. With this information, the members of the network will help establish best practices for obtaining unparalleled genomic data for specific tumors and leveraging this data to identify highly targeted therapies to improve patient outcomes.

“It’s exciting to see the OmniSeq Genomic Network grow with Wilmot’s addition to the Network,” said Candace S. Johnson, Ph.D., president and CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. “Genomics is fundamentally changing our understanding of cancer and cancer treatment, and the OmniSeq Genomic Network will allow us to get those advances to patients much more quickly.  We’re encouraged by the history of collaboration that already exists between Wilmot and RPCI and excited about the opportunity to improve cancer care through precision medicine technology for patients in our region and beyond.”

If you are interested in learning more about the OmniSeq Genomic Network, please visit or call 1-800-781-1259, for more information.

About OmniSeq, LLC

OmniSeq, LLC was established in June 2015 as a for-profit company created from the Center for Personalized Medicine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI).  OmniSeq offers a suite of innovative products that support a physician-driven, collaborative approach to genomic diagnostics for cancer. The OmniSeqSM Genomic Network provides institutions with the first-ever fusion of clinical genomics and a comprehensive information technology solution that delivers easy access to actionable insights about a patient’s tumor genetics and available treatment options. Headquartered in Buffalo, OmniSeq offers services throughout the U.S.  For more information or to join the genomic network, call 1-800-781-1259 or visit

About Wilmot Cancer Institute

Wilmot Cancer Institute is the Rochester and Finger Lakes region’s leader for cancer care and research. As a component of Strong Memorial Hospital, Wilmot Cancer Institute provides specialty cancer care services at the University of Rochester Medical Center and a network of locations throughout the region. The Institute also includes a team of scientists who investigate many aspects of cancer, with an emphasis on how best to provide precision cancer care. To learn more, visit

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