A Single Test with 99% Actionability.

Combine both targeted therapy and immune-oncology biomarkers in a single report.

OmniSeq Advance® offers the most comprehensive genomic and immune profile available.

Comprehensive immune and genomic profiling developed to inform the therapeutic management of cancer patients with advanced solid tumors that are under consideration for checkpoint inhibition or targeted therapy.

Measure the most significant protein, RNA and DNA biomarkers with a single order. Compare the relative effectiveness of personalized treatments based on curated and summarized evidence from our Pathologists.


It’s like a molecular tumor board for every patient.

Components of
OmniSeq Advance®

  • PD-L1 IHC according to histology
  • MSI by NGS, no normal tissue required
  • Tumor mutational burden — 409 genes (TMB)
  • RNA-seq of over 50 critical immune markers to characterize the tumor micro-environment (TME)
  • Somatic genomic profiling of 144 genes (including SNVs, copy number variants, fusions and translocations)
  • Personalized summary of findings written by a Pathologist

Guidance for Every Patient.

  • 43% of patients tested to date have had Level 1 or Level 2 results, almost double the rate of most NGS targeted therapy tests
  • Actionability reaches 99% by combining the orthogonal and sometimes inversely-related biomarkers for targeted therapy and immunotherapy
  • Overexpression of immune markers — measured by RNA-seq gene expression — highlight rational targets for immuno-oncology clinical trials
  • Where practical, summary interpretation will include response rates where patients have multiple Level 1 or Level 2 indications to guide treatment sequencing

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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Highlights the Need
for Comprehensive Genomic and Immune Profiling

Get the comprehensive picture by testing everything at once.

Only OmniSeq Advance synthesizes the most relevant biomarkers for selecting targeted therapies and provides a comprehensive immune profile to characterize DNA damage (TMB and MSI), TILs (CD8, FOXP3, etc.), T-cell receptor signaling (e.g. PD-L1, LAG3) and other markers of immune stimulation (e.g. GITR, OX40, ICOS) and escape (e.g. IDO, CSF1R).

OmniSeq and Integrated Oncology will work seamlessly with your team to handle all logistical, IT and financial challenges to ensure that your patients will benefit from a single test to inform current and future treatment options from your  single source laboratory solutions provider.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Requirements