NEW ORLEANS, LOUISANA – November 10, 2016 – Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans ( LSU Health New Orleans) and Omniseq (OmniSeq®), a subsidiary of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI), are now partnering to provide oncologists with comprehensive next generation sequencing of solid tumors for clinical decision support.

“LSU Health New Orleans has an 85-year history as a premier healthcare institution in Louisiana with six professional schools and eight Centers of Excellence. We look forward to adding OmniSeq’s cutting edge technology to the LSU Health New Orleans toolkit,” said Carl Morrison, President and Chief Scientific Officer of OmniSeq. “Comprehensive genomic profiling should be the first step for all advanced stage solid tumors whenever targeted therapy is a treatment consideration,” said Morrison.

LSU Health New Orleans will utilize OmniSeq ComprehensiveSM, a pan-cancer tumor profiling diagnostic panel, to screen patients at their facilities. The 144-gene panel is New York State (NYS) CLEP-approved, the gold standard in clinical laboratory testing. Oncologists and patients at LSU Health New Orleans will receive personalized reports on the patients’ individual genetic variants including: FDA-approved therapeutics, clinical trials for which the patient may qualify, and potential hereditary variants.

OmniSeq Comprehensive utilizes the least amount of tissue of any commercially available comprehensive tumor profiling assay. To date, OmniSeq Comprehensive identified actionable variants – including FDA-approved therapeutics and precision medicine trials – for over 83{edc84ca8cb414d07ea5574abfc7a9f20a917c4389af0201ff5ea836274773795} of patients tested. Through this partnership, LSUHSC will receive access to molecular tumor boards to support clinical decision making as well as collaborate with OmniSeq’s customers to strategize on increasing enrollment of minority and underserved populations in the Gulf South community. Additionally, LSUHSC patients will have access to the OmniSeq CARESSM financial assistance program to help alleviate any patient out-of-pocket cost.

“LSU Health New Orleans is excited to partner with OmniSeq as they provide a multifaceted approach to personalized medicine,” said Dr. Augusto Ochoa, Director of LSU Health New Orleans Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center and principal investigator of a Minority Underserved National Cancer Institute Community Research Oncology Program (NCORP), funded by a grant to LSU Health New Orleans. “OmniSeq’s cutting edge technology and clinical insights will improve access to precision medicine in our underserved community, offer our physicians’ guidance in the development of actionable treatment plans, and help to continue to improve the standard of care for patients at LSU Health New Orleans. It will also allow NCORP investigators to design genomics-based clinical trials tailored to Louisiana and Mississippi patients.”

About LSU Health New Orleans:

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans educates Louisiana’s health care professionals. The state’s health university leader, LSU Health New Orleans includes a School of Medicine, the state’s only School of Dentistry, Louisiana’s only public School of Public Health, and Schools of Allied Health Professions, Nursing, and Graduate Studies. LSU Health New Orleans faculty takes care of patients in public and private hospitals and clinics throughout the region. In the vanguard of biosciences research in a number of areas in a worldwide arena, the LSU Health New Orleans research enterprise generates jobs and enormous economic impact. LSU Health New Orleans faculty have made lifesaving discoveries and continue to work to prevent, advance treatment, or cure disease. To learn more, visit, or

About the GS-MU-NCORP:

The Gulf South Minority Underserved National  Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), led by Dr. Augusto Ochoa, is a consortium of community hospitals and/or oncology practices and integrated healthcare systems with a patient population of at least 30{edc84ca8cb414d07ea5574abfc7a9f20a917c4389af0201ff5ea836274773795} racial/ethnic minorities or rural residents. It accrues participants to cancer prevention, control, screening and post-treatment surveillance clinical trials conducted by NCORP and to NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) treatment, imaging and quality of life trials.