Our Mission: Finding the Right Drug or Clinical Trial for Every Patient

Understanding your tumor at the molecular level can help identify the personalized, targeted therapy most applicable to you. OmniSeq® provides that molecular testing, with the goal of improving the outcome of your treatment.

Our tests – including OmniSeq Comprehensive® and Immune Report Card® – interrogate your tumor biopsy sample to find the best targeted therapy or immunotherapy options for you to consider with your doctor.

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We’re Here For You.

OmniSeq® is committed to providing you with the support you need and deserve. Our OmniSeq CARES® program aims to provide:

Comprehensive cancer care.

Access to information about targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Resources for financial support.

Enrollment in clinical trials.

Service that is unmatched in the industry.

Just a few of the ways our CARES® team of specialists is here to help you:

Insurance Support. We understand the many challenges that you face in your fight against cancer. OmniSeq CARES® is dedicated to minimizing the financial burden placed upon patients, and we actively work with insurance carriers to maximize insurance coverage of OmniSeq®.

Interest-Free Financial Assistance. OmniSeq® offers a robust financial assistance program to help you manage any patient responsibility for OmniSeq testing. An OmniSeq CARES® specialist will help navigate the process by identifying the programs that you qualify for and assist you, where applicable, with enrollment.

Clinical Trial Navigation. OmniSeq® is your dedicated clinical trial access partner. We will help connect you to clinical trials that are most appropriate for you based on the clinical characteristics of your cancer and molecular profile.

We’re Here to Help.

OmniSeq CARES® specialists are available to discuss what OmniSeq testing can do for you and your treatment plan; answer any questions about insurance or financial assistance; handle appeals with your insurance carrier to get your testing covered and answer any other questions.

All you have to do is call us at 1-800-781-1259, or email us at support@omniseq.com.

We’re looking forward to helping you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “precision medicine?”

Precision medicine is a form of personalized medicine, where the treatment or regiment is tailored specifically to the individual patient and their biology.

What is targeted therapy?

Target therapies are drugs, alone or in combination, that specifically target a protein of interest or a unique biological function.

How are targeted therapies different from traditional chemotherapy?

Targeted therapies, in contrast to traditional chemotherapy and radiation, can potentially be less toxic to you and may exhibit a better treatment response by only attacking cancer cells carrying your specific mutation.

Can OmniSeq’s tests be used for my tumor type?

OmniSeq Comprehensive can provide the molecular profile for any type of solid tumor.

Will my insurance cover OmniSeq® testing?

Our customer service program, OmniSeq CARES, is dedicated to helping you. The team works directly with your insurance carrier to maximize insurance coverage of OmniSeq testing. If necessary, our representatives will help you enroll in an assistance program that reduces your financial burden.

How can I get tested with OmniSeq®?

Only your doctor can order OmniSeq Comprehensive. A small portion of your tumor is needed to perform the test at the OmniSeq laboratory. This tissue may already be stored at the site where you had a previous surgery or biopsy. OmniSeq CARES will work with your healthcare team to facilitate testing and provide a detailed report about your cancer to your physician.

How can I learn more about participating in clinical trials?

The FDA is encouraging more patients to participate in clinical trials, especially people of different ages, races, ethnic groups, and genders. Overall, few people actually sign up for and participate in trials, and those who do participate don’t always represent the U.S. population. Participation is especially low for certain populations, including adults age 75 or older and people from certain racial and ethnic groups. Learn more here.

What happens after testing is complete?

Results of OmniSeq Comprehensive testing are returned directly to your doctor. The results include a detailed assessment of your tumor, as well as information about your cancer’s eligibility for targeted therapies or clinical trials.

Does OmniSeq® bill my insurance?

OmniSeq will work with every insurance carrier to maximize coverage of OmniSeq testing regardless of participation status.  We believe every patient should have access to OmniSeq testing regardless of insurance participation or financial status.  Let the OmniSeq CARES team navigate the insurance claim process while you focus on your care.

What if a targeted therapy or immunotherapy is not approved for the treatment of my type of tumor?

OmniSeq CARES is your dedicated clinical trial access partner. Our team will help connect you to the clinical trial option that best suits your treatment needs.

What is a cancer clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a regulated study to evaluate if a novel therapy is more efficacious than the current standard of care for that specific cancer sub-type or targeted protein. Trials are conducted in “Phases.”

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Should you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact an OmniSeq CARES® specialist by calling 1-800-781-1259 or emailing us at support@omniseq.com. You can also email us using the form below. We answer all support requests promptly.

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