Specimen Requirements.

Please include the pathology report with your specimen submission.

Tissue Submission Guidelines

Reports and other provided materials must be labeled with the pathology case number and at least two patient identifiers such as name, medical record number or date of birth. PLEASE INCLUDE THE PATHOLOGY REPORT.

OmniSeq Universal Biospecimen kits are available upon request. Our Specimen Receiving Department will contact the pathology office designated on your order, and provide them with a packing sheet and shipping account information. The Specimen Receiving Department can be reached directly at 1-716-210-9105, or by contacting SpecimenReceiving@omniseq.com.

Recommended Specimen Submission

**Do Not Submit Decalcified Specimens or Cytology Smears**

The preferred specimen is at least one FFPE block. If a block cannot be provided, see slide requirements section.

Specimens with very small amounts of tumor and/or less than requested number of slides will be accepted with the caveat that complete testing may not be possible.

Specimens should be selected by a board-certified pathologist and should contain neoplastic tissue.

It is recommended that USS are cut using standard DNA/RNA precautions (change microtome blade, wipe stage, never re-use blade for more than one case and remove floaters in water bath between cases).

Slide Requirements

OmniSeq Advance:
Block is preferred, or send 20 unbaked, positively charged, unstained slides cut at 5 um.

OmniSeq Comprehensive Only (OCP):
Block is preferred, or send 10 unbaked, positively charged, unstained slides cut at 5 um.

Microsatellite Instability NGS:
Block is preferred, or send 4-10 unbaked, positively charged, unstained slides cut at 5 um, plus one (1) 5um section for H&E quality review.

Transportation Requirements

FFPE blocks are stored at room temperature and shipped with no special precautions, except when daily outside temperatures exceed 35°C, and then ship with cool packs to avoid paraffin meltdown.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to comply with all state and federal regulations.

Consent Form

Download a PDF of the OmniSeq Specimen Authorization Form.