At OmniSeq®, our mission since 2015 has been simple: To help each cancer patient find and access the drug or trial that’s right for them. We do this through molecular sequencing and first-of-its-kind comprehensive immune profiling, as well as pharmaceutical services.

Through a collaboration with LabCorp®, we created and launched OmniSeq Comprehensive℠ and Immune Report Card®. These innovative tools – which will be offered exclusively to U.S.-based physicians by Integrated Oncology, a member of the LabCorp Specialty Testing Group, and biopharmaceutical customers globally through Covance Drug Development – enable medical professionals to identify appropriate treatments specific to a patient’s cancer and immune profile.

A complete testing portfolio powered by precision medicine.

For Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy stimulates an immune response to cancer, similar to the way the body responds to and eliminates bacteria and viruses. Oncologists and their patients have turned to immunotherapy in increasing numbers, and while a good portion of these patients may have received a test result indicating a likely response to immunotherapy, only about 30% of such patients have seen such a response (LEK Analysis).

For Targeted Therapy

Our goal was to create the most clinically-actionable molecular test of tumors possible. The result is OmniSeq Comprehensive℠, a next-generation molecular sequencing assay that tests a tumor’s DNA and RNA to identify somatic variants – those genetic alterations caused by your cancer that are associated with response to particular drugs – in 144 genes.

For Microsatellite Instability

OmniSeq MSI NGS delivers microsatellite instability results from tumor only FFPE samples. This test can be used to identify appropriate patients for KEYTRUDA®, regardless of histology.

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