OmniSeq’s Mission is to deliver superior results by improving access to better cancer treatment options through comprehensive molecular profiling.

OmniSeq℠ was founded on the promise to inform physicians of the most clinically actionable tumor-profiling information possible. Doing so enables patients to benefit from a tailored treatment plan designed to fight their cancer at a molecular level. OmniSeq advances personalized medicine by zeroing in on what matters most…improving patient outcomes.

Our Legacy

Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) in Buffalo, New York, a pioneer clinical research facility for advanced treatment of all forms of adult and pediatric cancer, and a Member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, was the first institution to focus exclusively on cancer research. The Founder, Dr. Roswell Park, sought to cure cancer and advocated a close connection between laboratory and clinical research to speed up discovery. Roswell Park has been at the center of groundbreaking cancer research for more than a century and served as a model for cancer centers throughout the world. The Roswell Center of Personalized Medicine’s breakthrough research, scientific expertise, and commitment to improving patient care is the foundation of OmniSeq technology today. Dr. Carl Morrison, Founder of OmniSeq and Executive Director of the Center for Personalized Medicine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, first envisioned the role of more advanced bioinformatics in clinical decision support while working at Roswell Park.